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hobbiesaround.comis a site to make friends according to your hobbies and activity and according to your place of residence, to find people, who like you wish to create a network of friends in order to share with them your interest for the culture, sports, travel, leisure or outings.

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  • ● Registration 100% free and the rest is also 100% free, so never pay on this site to send and receive hundreds of messages per day!
  • ● Registration is quick and easy, allowing you to create your profile in a few minutes and get to know the site.
  • ● The best member selection dating site! Use the advanced search engine to find profiles that match your most specific selection criteria.
  • A 100% FREE MEETING AND CHAT SITE FOR ALL: The site is financed by advertising. The dating and chat services on hobbiesaround.com are 100% free for all users, men and women.
  • ● hobbiesaround.com is positioned on dating and more precisely on "serious" dating. This sit is the ideal tool to find the boyfriend or the blonde of your dreams or even just to chat with friends!

hobbiesaround.com is The Community site for sharing activities and leisure

hobbiesaround.com is a community website which offers to internet users, via free online registration, a way to share their passions and activities. Each user can consult personalized activities adapted to their areas of interest. It can also in turn offer events and entertainment to share with Internet users.

What are the favorite pleasures of people?

What simple pleasures do French people aspire to today? The question was put to them. TV series, family meals, cultural outings… Everything is good for relaxing, despite limited resources. A quick overview of the favorite hobbies of the members.


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